Web Application Testing with Selenium and JMeter Training Course

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35 hours (usually 5 days including breaks)


Understanding of HTML, XML


This course provides training for handling testing projects and provides hands on experience with web applications, functional test automation and cross browser test automation using Selenium test suite. Also, it comprehesively introduced jMeter.

Roughtly 2 days of JMeter and 3 days of Selenium.

Course Outline

JMeter Fundamentals

This course covers the creation and implementation of functional and unit testing with Apache JMeter, the free application testing software from The Apache Software Foundation. The purpose of the course is to allow organizations to completely automate their various testing requirements, saving time, money, and helping to minimize the risk of human error in testing. The program explores the concepts of designing and creating test plans for real-world web applications using Apache JMeter, including functional, regression and stress testing plans. Participants will learn how to design test plans for a variety of purposes and to use the various components and functions within JMeter to their advantage, permitting them to completely automate the web application testing process.

JMeter Advanced

This course deals with advanced web application testing techniques. It focuses on full automation, scripting, integrating tests with external data source.

Course Outline: 

JMeter Fundamentals:


  • Why use JMeter?
  • Overview of functional/regression/stress testing principles

Designing a basic test plan

  • How to identify your testing needs
  • Defining the steps of your test

Creating your first JMeter test

  • Introducing the JMeter GUI
  • The basic elements of a JMeter test plan
  • Building a functional test with your Internet browser
  • Executing your functional test
  • Reading the results of your test

The power of JMeter

  • Comprehensive overview of the available JMeter components and functions
  • Implementing an advanced functional test using the key JMeter functions and components

Regression testing

  • Using your functional tests for regression testing
  • Future proofing your tests

Stress testing

  • Identifying what you need to test
  • Mimicking the real world in JMeter
  • Extracting and reading the results

Other key features

  • Stress testing a database
  • Using JMeter from the command line
  • Editing a test plan in a text/XML editor

JMeter Advanced:

Distributed (Remote) Testing

  • Preparing remote environment
  • Running distributed
  • Gathering and analysing results


  • Creating user variable
  • Extracting data from a web page to a variable


  • Using functions
  • Function helper

Using BeanShell Scripting

  • Short introduction to BeanShell
  • Creating samplers
  • BeanShell listener
  • __BeanShell function

Testing Application with Real Data

  • Configuring Apache Web Server to record appropriate data
  • Access Log Sampler
  • Security issues


Understanding the Structure of Web Pages and Applications (25%)

  • Understanding locators (major focus on XPath, sub-focus on mane ID and CSS)
  • How to break a web page down into testable parts
  • Testing concepts and strategy

Selenium IDE (25%)

  • IDE features
  • Building test cases
  • Creating test suites
  • Executing tests
  • Selenium commands
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best practices, TIPs
  • Testing AJAX applications
  • Verify page elements

Selenium WebDriver (50%)

  • Installation and configuration
  • Running test suites against various browsers
  • Cross browser testing
  • Debugging
  • Selenium Grid
    • Configuration
    • Distributed testing
    • Creating batch files
    • Cross browser testing




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Location Date Course Price [Remote/Classroom]
Delhi, Mohan Estate - Classroom2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 287,152INR
Delhi, Mohan Estate - Classroom(2)2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 279,652INR
Kathmandu - Classroom2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 309,652INR
Male - Classroom2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 324,652INR
Meerut, Ganga Nagar - Classroom2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
Le Méridien Thimphu - Classroom2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 339,652INR
Ghaziabad, Vaishali 2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
Agra, Fatehabad Road - C12019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
Ghaziabad, Kavi Nagar2019-03-11 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
Ghaziabad, Shastri Nagar - Classroom2019-03-18 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
Gujarat, Memnagar, Ahmedabad - Classroom T12019-03-18 09:30:00253,652INR / 297,152INR
Ghaziabad, Mohan Nagar - C1 Classroom2019-03-18 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
Noida, Sector 63 - Classroom2019-03-18 09:30:00253,652INR / 275,152INR
Meerut, Pallav Puram - Classroom2019-03-18 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
Vrindavan, Gopalgarh Tehra Road2019-03-18 09:30:00253,652INR / 289,652INR
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Codius: Setting Up a Host SystemIndore, A.B. Road - ClassroomFri, 2019-04-26 09:3045,657INR / 63,657INR
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